Alabama Governor’s Mansion

On August 13, 2015, Southern Heirlooms with Ken Rivenbark, will be filming at one of Alabama’s most recognized homes, the Alabama Governor’s Mansion.

The Alabama’s Governor’s Mansion was designed in 1907 by T. Weatherly Carter and was originally the home of the Ligon family. Since 1951, it has served as the official residence of the Governor and First Lady of Alabama serving twelve Governor’s and their families.

Mrs.-Bentley and Ken RivenbarkFirst Lady Dianne Bentley has utilized her role in many incredible endeavors for the people of Alabama. One of them ensures the Governor’s Mansion will be preserved and remain historically accurate. In 2011, The First Lady Dianne Bentley Mansion Preservation Act created an authority responsible for maintaining and restoring the 107 year old house to reflect its original heritage (bill HB 437.) It also required the Governor’s Mansion to be accessible to the public with tours.

A group known as “Friends of the Governor’s Mansion” will be aiding Mrs. Bentley as she works to preserve this beautiful home and historical building in Montgomery. The governing board’s mission is to “protect the historical and architectural integrity of the mansion’s exterior, interior, contents and grounds.” The Governor’s Mansion Complex occupies one square block in Montgomery’s Garden District neighborhood. It includes the Governor’s Mansion and the John Blue-Hill House, purchased by the Friends of the Governor’s Mansion in 2000.

Southern Heirlooms with Ken Rivenbark will highlight the Governor’s Mansion from a historical perspective focusing on its rich history as well as the beautiful public rooms of the home and their furnishings. In addition, the show will present the diligent work and plans of the “Friends of the Governor’s Mansion” as they continue to further preserve the mansion and what our viewers can do to assist in their efforts.

On July 14, 2015, I had the honor of being invited to a coffee given by First Lady Dianne Bentley honoring Dr. Julius Linn for his generous gift of a beautiful oil on Canvas painting by Carrie Hill. The photo of the First Lady and me was taken at this reception in front of the Grand Staircase in the Reception Hall.

Southern Heirlooms with Ken Rivenbark is humbled by the honor of sharing the story of one of Alabama’s finest heirlooms.