Southern Heirlooms with Ken Rivenbark is a new cable television show now airing in various cities across the South.

The purpose of Southern Heirlooms with Ken Rivenbark is to touch and embrace lives through the joy of celebrating family histories, creating new traditions, and preserving your treasured family heirlooms.

image1Since the beginning of time, treasured heirlooms have been passed down through the generations from family to family. Whether it was your Grandmother’s prized Sterling Coffee Service, your father’s collection early American Furniture, or your mother’s treasured jewelry, each item was presented to you with the hope that you would enjoy each gift and carry their memory with you as you transition these beloved items into the fabric of your own life.

Throughout the South, individuals hold strong ties to the past and care deeply about their heritage and the evolution of their families. Their homes, though big or small, quickly became the setting of varied traditions that united the family and created an environment of love. When we reminisce of these things, often we visualize the items in our Traditional Southern Classic homes that are intertwined in the memories of our childhood. And it is that exact ideal that is the premise for this show.

This show will present informative segments that educate, inspire, and challenge, you the viewers to learn more about your heirlooms and historical homes as objects of beauty as well as utilizing them to learn more about your family heritage.

The show spotlights Traditionally Classic Southern homes and their personal collections of family heirlooms, with informative information on the style and characteristics of the heirloom and suggestions on how to best care for the item.

Southern Heirlooms takes this ideal a step further to aide in bringing the family’s relatives from past generations back in the forefront as collectors and preservers of history; demonstrating how to document the provenance of the heirloom that will assist future generations with knowledge of the family’s heritage and collections.

In addition, the show will highlight examples of how to start new family heirlooms with children as well as young couples.


Dr. Rivenbark’s personal mission is to use this venue to introduce the joy and excitement of antiques and family heritages to new generations as they carry the torch of their family into the future.

The show began airing in Huntsville, Alabama in October of 2014 and has quickly spread to other cities, including Montgomery; Jackson, Tennessee; andAntiques in Decorating Panama City Florida. More cities are in the works and should begin airing soon. Dr. Ken Rivenbark is the owner of Rivenbark & Roper Antiques in Huntsville, Alabama. Using his background as a career educator, his passion for Southern History, and his ability to convey and resonate with his audience has led the way for Ken to become a much sought after guest speaker for various civic organizations, nonprofits and social and church groups. Further contact information can be found on the Host Bio page.