Ken’s Reflections on Angels and Christmas


During the Christmas holidays, Angels often find a prominent place in homes of our families.   Throughout history, these heavenly creatures have touched hearts and changed minds, they have caused people to reflect and reconsider, and they have represented the force of good in such profound ways that even evil seems to bow down before them.


And while it is written that they are always with us, it is during Christmas they seem most real to us.

The dictionary defines an angel as “a divine winged messenger.” While accurate, this definition fails to touch on the warm and personal relationship that angels have traditionally had with human kind. Throughout history, angels have been protectors as well as messengers, and while commanding reverence and awe, they have also projected compassion and understanding. Perhaps that is why we call someone who has done something wonderful an angel.

When Christian worship services were first held in the 4th century, Angels were no doubt mentioned and recognized. Today, the representation of Angels and their spirit are just as

Often we gather various types of Angels around via collections of crystal, porcelains, carvings, etc. Simply seeing them in our mist is our reminders that our protectors, messengers and guides are only a breath away. Ask your Angels to accompany you through your day this holiday season. They are waiting to help.